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Christmas Crafts 5: Make Your Own Holiday Ornaments

We continue with our feature on Christmas Crafts. Today we make ornaments using some materials and components that you most likely already have at home. From popsicle sticks to felt/fabric swatches to pop aluminum cans..for sure there’s something you have handy that you can use.
May joy, love and peace fill your hearts and may these ornaments help spread the warm spirit of Christmas.
Popsicle Stick Christmas Ornaments
Project Source
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Popsicle Christmas Stick Ornaments 
The great thing about these ornaments is that they can be made entirely out of recycled materials. So you get adorableness plus you’re eco-friendly!


  • popsicle sticks (used or new, colored or plain)
  • glue
  • graft paper
  • googly eyes
  • pipe cleaners
  • beads
  • scrap fabric
  • poster paint
  • markers
  • string


Santa Ornament:

  • Cut out a pattern for Santa’s beard and cap.
  • Color in the Santa suit using poster paint, markers, or any other coloring material you’re comfortable with.
  • Stick on a pink bead for his nose and two small googly eyes on top of the bead.

Finally, glue on a piece of string onto the back of the stick and display it on your tree!

Snowman ornament: Cut out a top hat for your snowman ornament. Glue on black buttons for his “buttons”, an orange bead for a nose, googly eyes, and knot a piece of red fabric as the scarf.

Rudolph ornament: Cut out a heart-shaped piece of brown felt for the reindeer’s eyebrows, use a big red bead for his nose, fashion some antlers out of brown pipe cleaners and attach these to the back of the popsicle stick, then tie a piece of scrap fabric and a bell for Rudolph’s collar.

These cute little popsicle stick ornaments will look great on tabletop artificial Christmas trees. After the holidays, you can even remove the string and use these as bookmarks.

Charming Fabric Christmas Ornaments
(you can also utilize old clothing or fabric swatches)
Project Source
Click here for detailed instructions
Latas de Refrescos 
(Recycled Soda Cans)
Bonitos adornos reciclados
Beautiful Recycled Ornaments
Image Source

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