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Christmas Crafts 2: Make Your Own Christmas Wreath

We continue our feature on Christmas Crafts with homemade wreaths  using old CDs and used plastic bags. Thanks to Craft Central Station and Girl with Beads for such clever Christmas craft projects.

How to Make A Wreath Out of Old CDs
Project from Craft Central Station

Learn How to Make a Wreath Out of Old CDs on Howcast


  • A plastic, wooden, or foam craft ring
  • 30 old CDs
  • A hot-glue gun
  • A picture hanger
  • A strand of battery-powered holiday lights
  • Batteries
  • A holiday bow or ribbon
  • A hammer
  • A nail
  • A plastic scraper (optional)
  • An over-the-door wreath hanger (optional)


  1. Glue CDs on ring. Arrange the CDs in evenly spaced intervals completely around the craft ring, shiny side facing out, and glue them into place
  2. Glue the second row. Glue a second layer of CDs so that they’re evenly spaced between the CDs on the first layer.
  3. Attach the hanger. Glue the picture hanger to the back of the ring so the wreath will hang properly.
  4. Glue the lights on. Glue the battery pack for the Christmas lights to the back of the wreath, opposite the hanger. When the glue dries, wrap the strand of lights around the outer edge of the wreath, with the lights hanging over onto the CDs. After positioning the lights, glue the strand to the backs of the CDs to hold it in place.
  5. Attach the bow. Glue the bow or tie the ribbon to the bottom of the wreath to give your creation some holiday flair.  Before displaying your wreath, remove any stray bits of glue with your hands or a plastic scraper.

How to Make Your Own
Project from Girl with Beads

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