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Christmas Crafts 3: Make Your Own Christmas Cards

One of my favourite things to do during the Christmas season is making my own Christmas cards and sending them to family and friends near and far. It is such a joy to be able to reflect on the year that is about to close and share the year’s most memorable moments. Today I bring you some Homemade Christmas Card ideas that you can gain inspiration from or make at home.
Enjoy making your cards. Don’t forget to write a personal note and mail it. You will surely make somebody’s day (Christmas)!
6 Great Homemade (& Low-cost)
 Christmas Card Ideas
1.Use up off-cuts of fabric
Fabric remnants can be used to make lovely cards and they don’t have to be Christmas patterns or colours to look good. Make cardboard templates of your motifs, then draw around them on the wrong side of your fabric. Cut out the motifs with sharp fabric scissors and glue onto your cards — don’t use too much or it will seep through the fabric. Stick on buttons, sequins and ribbons as a finishing touch, or simply leave the card as it is. 
2.Glue on buttons
Buttons make great card decorations — you can use all shapes and sizes to create seasonal designs and even use up odd ones.
To make a Christmas wreath: arrange your buttons — either all one size or different sizes — in a circle on your card to get the design right, then glue in place. Finish off by tying a ribbon bow and sticking onto the button at the very top.
3.Nice Paper Cut with Scrapbooking Scissors
When you want to make Christmas cards and all you have are scrapbooking paper and scissors..
(and a computer and printer, of course)
Step 1-On a coordinating patterned paper, 
print a Christmas message 
(Example:Happy Holidays, Joy to the World,
Peace and Joy, Christmas Greetings.Cut and set aside. 
Step 2-Cut your card using fancy scrapbooking scissors and then glue on the Christmas message. 
Simple–Beautiful–Great joy to someone this Christmas season!
Image Source
4. Handprint Santa
Put your personal stamp on holiday greetings 
with this handprint design.

Red craft paper
Glue stick
Plain notecard or card stock
Tempera paints
Paper plates
Googly eyes


  1. Cut Santa-hat shapes (minus the pom-poms and white trim) from the craft paper, then glue one onto each card. Glue a pair of googly eyes a fingertip’s width below each hat.
  2. Pour white tempera paint onto one paper plate, and a dollop each of red, black, and pink (mix some red and white) onto another. Stamp white handprint beards, then use fingertips to stamp the trim on the hats, and a nose, mouth, and cheeks on each face.

5. Just Strips!
A few strips of paper–or ribbon–and you have yourself a Christmas tree card.
6. Card Designs Using Templates

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