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Christmas Crafts 1: Make Your Own Christmas Star

Christmas is just around the corner. I’m sure there are many folks out there- especially parents and teachers – looking for Christmas Crafts to make with their children and students respectively. This week I bring you some very interesting Christmas crafts that I have found on the internet. Simple.Creative.Resourceful. But above all, they add to the Christmas spirit in our homes, schools and workplaces, or wherever we spend our days this Holiday Season.

How to Make Your Own Christmas Star

Project Source: 
AVON Wildlife Trust: News, resources and information about learning and outdoor education
How to Make Your Own Christmas Star
Project Source

Materials needed:
white glue or hot glue gun (glue sticks)
gold/silver ribbons, yarns, lace, glitters 
(check out your stock of junk..)


1.  Select 5 of the straightest twigs (of similar thickness) and snap them to a similar length, depending on how big you want your star to be.

Get your twigs ready
Image Source

2.  Arrange the twigs in a star shape and glue into place at points where they are touching. Leave your star to dry overnight.

Shape that star!
Image source

3.  When the glue is dry the following day, decorate your star however you like! Let your creativity fly! How about painting with glitter, covering with gold or silver tissue paper or wrapping with sparkley thread? 

4.  When your star is finished, attach some thread and find a good place to hang it. You could even pop it on the top of your Christmas tree!

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