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The Bamboo House (6) – Bamboo Crafts for your Home

It’s Craft Day on Daily Dose of Art! Today I share with you two bamboo crafts you can make for your home. We’ll learn how to make a bamboo chime and a bamboo fountain.
How to Make a Bamboo Chime
Image & Project from Green Earth Bamboo

Materials Needed:
  • Lengths of bamboo
  • Glass beads in assorted weights
  • Drill
  • Small saw
  • String or fishing line
  • Cup hook
  • Scissors
Please follow step-by-step instructions on Green Earth Bamboo
How to Build a Bamboo Fountain for Your Home
Photo and Project from e-how

Materials Needed:
  • Container that will hold water
  • Fountain pump
  • Hand saw or chop saw
  • Four lengths of bamboo
  • 1/2″ pump tubing or whatever size you need for the pump size
  • Drill
  • Raffia
  • 90 degree elbow adapter
  • Hot glue gun
  • Decorative stones
  • Small pieces of marble in different sizes

Please follow step-by-step instructions on e-how
Watch this video “Make a Bamboo Fountain in minutes”

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