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The Bamboo House (5) – Bamboo INFO videos

It’s movie time on Daily Dose of Art! I was looking for a good Bamboo movie but I couldn’t find something worthwhile sharing with you. So instead, I bring you some inspiring videos about people who are making a difference in the world by means of their bamboo designs and creations.

Watch this video for inspiration on making your dreams come true
ELORA HARDY: Building a Sustainable 
Bamboo Future
Bamboo House: How Bamboo Homes Are The Green Building Solution
Bamboo Living: Amazing Green Home Made with Bamboo!

Simón Vélez, Colombian Architect

Talks about how “The Principal Prince Claus Award” 
that he received for the bamboo structures 
that he designed 
has changed the way people perceive bamboo 
as a building material in his home country of Colombia. 
Watch this interview on YOUTUBE

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