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Métro Mural Inspirations (5) – Texture Trails

This week I present to you some of the best SMRT (Singapore Mass Rapid Transit) station murals alongside those in other cities in a special feature called “Métro Mural Inspirations”. Whether you are looking for inspiration for a project or simply enjoy large scale art, you are in for a treat.

The train systems around the world go by different names. In Paris and Montréal, they call it the “Métro”,In London- the Underground, In New York – the Subway, In Chicago the “L” (short for ‘elevated’), and so on and so forth.

Today, I bring you “Texture Trails”.


Even when there’s only one commuter walking by
there’s always a crowd at the Outram Park Station
with this seemingly endless concrete relief artwork by Teo Eng called “The Commuters”.
Photo by P.Constancia
“The Commuters”
Teo Eng Seng, 2001
concrete wall panels
Location: Outram Park Station, NEL, Singapore
Photos by Paulina Constancia

One of the most thought provoking artworks on the North East Line, these rich and varied wall reliefs of people in motion reflect the thoughts and inner-most feelings of commuters. These images seem to emerge from the wall and disappear into it, inviting commuters to pause and contemplate on their meaning. The work was originally fashioned in clay by the artist before being transferred onto concrete wall panels.Info Source
Learn more about Singapore’s Art in Transit Program
“Citius, Altius, Fortius”
Jordi Bonet, 1974
Aluminum and concrete
Length 22 m × height 2,3 m
Location: Pie-IX Metro Station,Montréal
Info and Image Source

The three sections of this beautifully graceful and sober mural sculpture represent the three parts of the Olympic motto citius, altius, fortius (faster, higher, stronger). The concrete represents the material world, while the central aluminum figure represents the spirit of movement.Info from Metro de Montreal

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