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Métro Mural Inspirations (6) – Whimsical Works

This week I present to you some of the best SMRT (Singapore Mass Rapid Transit) station murals alongside those in other cities in a special feature called “Métro Mural Inspirations”. Whether you are looking for inspiration for a project or simply enjoy large scale art, you are in for a treat.

The train systems around the world go by different names. In Paris and Montréal, they call it the “Métro”,In London- the Underground, In New York – the Subway, In Chicago the “L” (short for ‘elevated’), and so on and so forth.

Today, I bring you “Whimsical Works”.

3 murals collectively called 
Location: Bishan Station, Circle Line, Singapore
These 3 murals, collectively called “Move!”, measuring 7m x 2.4m each were created by Soh Ee Shaun, a self-taught artist who enjoys spontaneous and whimsical drawings. Soh’s work revels in the unexpected twists, mistakes, irreverence and surprises in the drawing and narratives within the illustration. The organic images are reminiscent of surrealism, graphics, graffiti and pop art fused into a lush, evocative and colourful landscape.
Info Source

Learn more about the artist
Learn more about Singapore’s Art in Transit Program


 “We All Ride the Train Together”
celebrates the diversity in neighbourhoods.
Location: Belmont Station, Chicago
“I wanted to capture the spirit of Lakeview,” Csicsko said in a press release. “There’s so much diversity and vitality here, it just seemed that the train image was a great way to represent that. The design is all about making visitors enjoy using the station.”(Belmont Station is in the city’s heavily LGBT Lakeview neighborhood, just down the street from Tunney’s Ann Sather restaurant.)Info Source
Learn more about the artist and the Belmont Station Mural
Check out “The World’s 11 Coolest Train Stations”

Kojiro Tomita Photo Quote

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