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Métro Mural Inspirations (4) – Floral Fantasy

This week I present to you some of the best SMRT (Singapore Mass Rapid Transit) station murals alongside those in other cities in a special feature called “Métro Mural Inspirations”. Whether you are looking for inspiration for a project or simply enjoy large scale art, you are in for a treat.

The train systems around the world go by different names. In Paris and Montréal, they call it the “Métro”,In London- the Underground, In New York – the Subway, In Chicago the “L” (short for ‘elevated’), and so on and so forth.

Today, I bring you “Floral Fantasy”.

“Spadina Summer Under All Seasons”
by James Sutherland
  Image & Info Source
Location: Dupont Station, Toronto

James Sutherland’s mosaics are collectively entitled “Spadina Summer Under All Seasons.” The intricate glass-work depicts flowers in multiple stages of life, from bud to blossom, from afar and from within.
Floral Mural at Metro Abbesses
Image Source

Floral Mural at Metro Abbesses
Location: Abbesses Metro Station, Paris
The Abbesses Metro station in the heart of Paris’ Montmartre district is famous for the art nouveau entrance as well as the wall murals decorating the staircases that go more than 30 metres below ground level. It was recently extensively renovated. See the station’s other murals 
New York
“Leaf of Life” 
Stained Glass art by Noel Copeland
Location: Nereid Avenue Subway Station
Bronx, New York
Image & Info  Source

A series of colored-glass panels on the elevated subway stations in the Bronx has been acclaimed as an exemplary work of public art. The artworks are made of pieces of faceted glass, which are about an inch thick and are held together by epoxy, for durability in harsh outdoor environments. Check out other MTA stained glass art/Felipe Galindo

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Robert A. Schumann Photo Quote

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