As prescribed by Paulina Constancia

Mandala Inspirations (6) – Wings & Natural Elements

During a recent visit to my hometown, I discovered that most of my family have a new found passion for making mandalas. My family is always looking for new adventures for mind, body and spirit. Thus, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the world of mandalas landed on their doorstep, or should I say, that they found themselves knocking on mandala’s door. This week, from March 19-24 we will explore the world of mandalas and other Mandala-inspired works of art.
While looking at some of the mandala work that my family has made, I thought of making my own design guided by the key elements of a mandala.. ‘circle’, ‘wholeness’ and ‘meaningful reflection’.Using the poem “With Wings, Will Travel” from my book “Open Arms”(2003), I started with one simple element- the butterfly and just repeated the image around the central figure of a winged human.
With Wings, Will Travel
poetry and mandala-inspired art
by Paulina Constancia
We age through our voyage.
Some forever grounded
with excess baggage.
But those who are bright-
travel light.
They fly with courage.
Their wings get stronger.
they fly higher.

You may use the computer or do just manual cutting and pasting of magazine images. You may also use stickers. Anyway, however you do it…

Here are the steps:

  1. Start with a poem or a personal reflection/thought.
  2. Find some element in nature that can represent it visually.
  3. Use images that have coordinating colours or go well together. In my example there are only three key colours on the butterfly wings: blue, yellow and orange.
  4. Start with the central figure and wrap the repeated ‘natural element’ around it. Build two to three circular layers.


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