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Mandala Inspirations (5) – Dance Mandala

During a recent visit to my hometown, I discovered that most of my family have a new found passion for making mandalas. My family is always looking for new adventures for mind, body and spirit. Thus, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the world of mandalas landed on their doorstep, or should I say, that they found themselves knocking on mandala’s door. This week, from March 19-24 we will explore the world of mandalas and other Mandala-inspired works of art.

CALIDOSCOPIO A mandala-inspired art collection
Looking at some of the mandala work that my family has made, somehow I felt a strong affinity to the composition and process. Then I  realized that I already made my own version of mandalas unwittingly in the past. The mandala elements of ‘circle’, ‘wholeness’, ‘meaningful reflection’ make up the essence of my collection “CALIDOSCOPIO” (1999) which I described with a poem:
Like a kaleidoscope, life is full of bits of coloured glass that reflect a spectacle of images. Appreciate the kaleidoscope that is your life, always see it in the light. -Paulina Constancia

This particular artwork and poem came about from a recollection of the wedding anniversary party of Chencho & Chela Llamas of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. I witnessed how Mexicans young and old love to dance. When the music plays, nobody sits around. Everybody makes their way to the dance floor. And I thought how wonderful it is that while our knees our supple that we don’t refuse the spirit when it moves us to dance and join in celebrating love and life as a community.
Let’s Dance
(cropped image)
poem and mandala-inspired artwork
by Paulina Constancia

Where there’s music-
let’s dance!
Be it salsa, chacha or waltz-
step into the pulse.

There’s no telling
when the music stops.
Dance, dance while you can.
Your knees are not forever supple.

“Let’s Dance” by Paulina Constancia
(complete image)

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