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Somethings Fishy (6) – Of Horses & Lions

There are two very important people in my life who were born in March and fall under the Pisces sign. As you may know, the symbol of Pisces is the fish. So, I thought it would be nice to do a series of posts about fishes during the month of March. So from Monday, March 12th to Saturday the 17th, I will be sharing with you “Somethings Fishy”, a little tribute to my Dad – Gerry and my sister Edna – here’s to you, my dear Pisceans!

“A Day with the Horses”
mixed media on paper
Fish to Face collection, 1996
Paulina Constancia

Fish-to-Face Intro
I’m quite a beginner in diving, but the diving trip that I did with some friends at dive sites of Doljo and Balicasag Island (both in Bohol) was a remarkable experience.

Too bad, time is never enough. Ascending time always comes too soon, always when you are just beginning to enjoy yourself underwater. Then the big question came to mind, What if air is never an issue? This is the entire idea of Fish-to-Face: humans breathing freely underwater, strolling on the ocean floor, frolicking with turtles, dolphins and other denizens of the deep.
Fish-to-Face is a collection of mixed media paintings done on paper, stretched and pre-framed canvas, exhibited at the Ayala Museum, Makati, Metro Manila in November, 1996.

Today’s Creative Challenge
Bringing together Aquatic creatures with their terrestrial namesakes on paper


  1. Choose a sea creature that you can paint alongside their land or sky namesake. For my examples, i chose seahorse/horse and lionfish/lion. Paint them interacting with each other on canvas paper or aquarelle paper.
  2. Draw a border/margin but only to serve as a guide. Allow the drawing to bleed out of the margin to make a more dynamic scene.
  3. Use acrylic paint and dimensional craft paint (Puffy paint, for example).
  4. Use a pattern in coordinating color/s for top or bottom of the drawing to enhance the image.
“Gliding with Lions”
mixed media on paper
Fish to Face collection, 1996
Paulina Constancia

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