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Somethings Fishy (5) – Pescado Relleno/Stuffed Fish

There are two very important people in my life who were born in March and fall under the Pisces sign. As you may know, the symbol of Pisces is the fish. So, I thought it would be nice to do a series of posts about fishes during the month of March. So from Monday, March 12th to Saturday the 17th, I will be sharing with you “Somethings Fishy”, a little tribute to my Dad – Gerry and my sister Edna – here’s to you, my dear Pisceans!

“Pescado Relleno/Stuffed Fish”
by Paulina Constancia

Pescado Relleno
means ‘stuffed fish in Spanish'(relleno is from ‘rellenar’ which means to fill or to stuff)
This is one of the hands-on art projects that I conducted at the Telus Science Centre Creative Kids Museum in Calgary. I had prestuffed the fish (and other creatures/shapes) and then the kids painted them and glued other add-ons

Today’s Creative Challenge:
To make a stuffed fish that you can paint and hang 

You will need:
canvas cloth
acrylic paint
dimensional fabric/craft paint
googly eyes 
add-ons of your choice (E.g. sequins,ribbon, fabric swatches, lace, etc)
plastic beads
yarn or embroidery thread 
plastic loop for hanging
batting material (or recycled pillow material)
craft glue


  1. Draw the fish on a piece of cardboard and cut to shape.
  2. Pin this onto a double folded canvas cloth. Cut fabric following the contour of cardboard fish, leaving at least 1/2 inch allowance all around for folding.
  3. Fold the allowance and stitch the two pieces of canvas cloth together. Leave at least two inches unstitched and then insert the batting material to fill the fish.
  4. Paint fish with bright acrylic colors and then dimensional paint to add some design detail.

As for add-ons, here are some tips: 
If add-ons will be painted over, glue them on when you sketch  your design on fish. If it is to retain its color, add it when the painted fish is completely dry.

Making the Hanging String

Thread yarn or embroidery thread (2-3 strands)onto a big needle. Knot. Sew this through middle top of fish (making sure to find the balanced center, if not fish will not hang properly). Thread  4 plastic beads and a plastic ring. Tie thread around ring at least twice to finish.

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