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Tricks of Transfer

My son turned 2 years old on Tuesday. So this week (Feb 20-26) I will be sharing with you ideas/tips for a two year old kid’s party.

A Party Shirt
for a Two-Year Old Birthday Boy
homemade with iron-on transfer paper

I wanted my son to wear something that can blend nicely with the kids party theme at Marche, which revolves around a seagull mascot named “Picky”. Animals, i thought, perhaps friendly looking farm animals, should go nicely next to Picky. I found this image for party favours on the internet and so i made a print of it using Farrania iron-on transfer paper.

There is even no need to buy a brand new tshirt. Find a bright coloured shirt your child already enjoys wearing and iron on a birthday image. Believe me that old shirt will be looking new and party-ready!

You’ll Need
a clear jpeg file of your image
inkjet printer
Farrania inkjet Transfer Paper for Dark Cotton Fabric
dark cotton Tshirt

Let’s Begin…

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