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Pompom Power

My son turned 2 years old yesterday, Feb 21st. So this week (Feb 20-26) I will be sharing with you ideas/tips for a two year old kid’s party.

“Pompom Power”
homemade pompoms
by paulina constancia

We decided on having music and movement instead of games at my son’s party. I thought some bright coloured pompoms could help add some excitement to the celebration. Today, I share with you the materials and steps in pompom making (my version anyway).

You’ll Need…
-crepe paper or non-woven flower wrapping paper
-masking tape
-coloured linen tape or duct tape

Let’s Begin…

  1. Cut crepe or flower wrapping paper into  3/4 inch strips, at least 26 inches long.
  2. Gather about 16 strips (dividing equally among colours) and tie/tape them together in the middle.
  3. Cut a strip of newspaper about 2.25 inches wide, 5 inches long.
  4. Fold the newspaper strip twice to reduce its size to about .75 inch wide.
  5. Fold this over the middle of the pompoms strips (where the strips are taped and secured in the middle) and tape the ends of the newspaper strip together.  This will be our handle.
  6. Gather all the ends of the pompom strips together. Wrap masking take twice around the top of the handle (base of the pompom strips) to form a collar and secure them well.  This also makes a cleaner look.
  7. Continue wrapping down the handle with until it feels more solid/stable.
  8. Finally, wrap the entire handle with coloured linen tape.

Shake those pompoms to the beat! Hip, Hip Hooray!

Special thanks goes to my neighbour Misa for helping me get the pompoms ready for my son’s birthday party last Saturday at the Marche Somerset.

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