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A Party Inspired by Allie – Part I

My son turned 2 years old on Tuesday. So this week (Feb 20-26) I will be sharing with you ideas/tips for a two year old kid’s party.

Left: stuffed, Right: digital

Developing a Party Theme

As a Mom I realize that there are friends we meet through the school and through the playground. Last Saturday, we had his advance birthday party at the Marché Somerset wherein we got to invite non-classmates and their parents. This year my son’s birthday fell on a school day so I thought we should have another celebration on his actual birthday. At the Marché party there wasn’t much I could do in terms of the theme since they have an official kids’ party theme that revolves around a seagull mascot named “Picky” .

The school party was more open to a theme.  I had to think about what my son is fond of. Many parents would choose Lightning McQueen, Thomas the Train, Sponge Bob, Mickey Mouse or Diego for a little boy’s party. So I had to ask myself if he really likes any of those characters and I realized that if there is one thing my son is quite fond of it is his alligator stuffed toy from Ikea whom we fondly call “Allie”. So i thought why not an alligator theme?

I went on the internet and found this alligator. So i changed a few things to make it resemble Allie. Changed tongue from red to pink and put a striped shirt on him. I changed the colour of the balloons as well. Anway, this is how I translated Allie into a party theme. Follow tomorrow’s post to see how Allie appears in the birthday cake, cupcakes and tokens.

ALLIE Joins in the Celebration

We showed up half an hour before the end of class. After seeing Daddy and Mommy and then Allie, somehow my son knew the event may have something to do with him, hahahaha  Below is a photo of the kids in the playgroup enjoying Allie’s company. What a great idea to tie the balloons to Allie and shake him all around. And boy, did the kids enjoy chasing him and pulling his tail. They had lots of laughs -that’s for sure!

“Allie Joins in the Celebration”


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