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A Party Inspired by Allie – Part II

My son turned 2 years old on Tuesday. So this week (Feb 20-26) 
I will be sharing with you ideas/tips for a two year old kid’s party.
Collaborating with a Baker on a Party Theme
Sometimes life throws you in a situation where the spirit is willing to ‘bake and decorate’ but the set-up is weak..my way of saying our apartment in Singapore doesn’t have an oven. However, I’ve had the good fortune of having Jasper’s Cafe owner/baker- Colman helping me out in realizing my son’s ALLIEgator-themed party.(Remember Allie from yesterday’s post?) It was such a thrill to find a baker who was willing to work with me on a particular party theme and budget.
Here is what Colman came up with:
The ALLIEgator Cake
As soon as I laid the cake on the table, Lucas ‘came and conquered’ so to speak. He grabbed the alligator’s head and squished it with his fingers. Luckily, we took a few photos of the cake while it was still safe in the box. So that serves as a warning to parents. Take those photos before the kids get anywhere close to the cake. Whoever said kids were scared of alligators? Not mine, anyway..hahahaha
The ALLIEgator Cupcake
a mini version of the cake with just the head..
notice how Colman even put teeth
The ALLIEgator Cupcake
tucked safely in a fancy plastic container
ALLIEgator Cupcake + Squeezy Toy
= Party Favor
Every kid got a balloon
and an 
ALLIEgator party favour

Note:This has to be handed at the end of class
to the grown-up picking up the kid
to ensure that they are handled with care
and they make it safely home.
The kids enjoying the ALLIEgator cake
& Allie’s company


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