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Shake That Rattle

My son is 2 years old today, Feb 21st. So this week (Feb 20-26) I will be sharing with you ideas/tips for a two year old kid’s party.
Shake That Rattle
homemade rattles
by paulina constancia

At my son’s playgroup, the teachers have created some homemade rattles just using empty Yakult bottles with something that jiggles inside. I thought that was so clever and all the kids can have one or two to shake to the beat of their school songs.

So I thought of making some for my son’s birthday party. Special thanks goes to my neighbour Misa for helping me finish these rattles in time for my son’s birthday party last Saturday at the Marche.

You’ll Need
empty plastic bottles of Yakult or Meiji
coloured linen tape (2 colours)
uncooked macaroni or poppy corn
masking tape

Let’s Begin..

  1. Clean and dry plastic bottles really well.
  2. Fill each bottle with about 1/3 full with macaroni
  3. Cut round cardboard covers for the bottles and seal up with masking tape.
  4. Cover whole bottle with linen tape, alternating the colours.

The rattles are now ready to help you and your little one groove to “Shake, Rattle & Roll!”

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