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Planning a Party for A Two Year Old

My son is turning 2 years old tomorrow. So this week (Feb 20-26) I will be sharing with you ideas/tips for a two year old kid’s party.

The Venue
Marche Restaurant 

at 313 Somerset,Singapore
Living in Singapore has its advantages and disadvantages. In many ways it is a very convenient place to live in. But in recent days, the one thing many complain about is the ever shrinking living spaces. We live in a 3-bedroom  apartment but there is barely enough room for our family of three. The little one actually takes up most of the space.
Now comes our little one’s birthday and it’s just impossible to host one in our living space. So, I looked into possible venues for our two-year old’s party. I thought about Polliwog’s. We love to go there and am sure my son’s friends would love to attend a party there too. The  ‘play fun’ has incredible potential but the menu is extremely limited. I thought I should take into consideration the adults that will be coming to the party as well. We thought about the Marche Restaurant. The Marche at Vivo would be a good choice since it’s just across from a huge wading pool (perhaps the kids can go for a dip after the party was my idea) The Marche at 313 Somerset turned out to be a better option since it has a nice party nook that is just across from the Heidi House, their kiddie play area. So there will be lots of play for the kids and incredible dining options for the adults. Bingo!
It sure takes lots of creativity and imagination to plan a party  for a two year old. Here are some tips:
1. The Venue
-Choose one that is accessible. 
-choose a place that will appeal to both child and adult guests
-make sure the size of the dining and play areas are comfortable and suitable for the number of invited guests 
-make sure the place and child/family friendly (with a baby changing table, enough high chairs,etc.)
-make sure you know every aspect of the party package so that there will be no surprise charges.
2. Program/Party Games
-If the celebrant and most of the guests are two years old it is better to do  “music and movement (M &M)” instead of party games. (they are too young to follow instructions. You can make some homemade pompoms and rattles that the kids can use during M & M.(Follow my blog this week to get step-by-step instructions for making these fun party toys/favors)
Note: When choosing songs for music and movement, pick a few that the kids are familiar with, maybe some of those they hear in school everyday so that they will be eager to participate.
-If there are older kids, it is better to involve them in the program. Perhaps to lead the group in song or dance that way they wont wander away or  get bored.
– Be flexible. The program is just there as a guide. 
The Program
Mostly ‘Music and Movement’

a) You have to gauge how interested your little guests are, and how much they can take.
b)Most venues will give you limited time for use of space so you need to be sure you don’t overstay. We booked the place for 10am to 12pm so we made sure we started our goodbyes and distribution of goodie bags at around 11:45.
Note: It is a good idea to bring a few toys to the venue. Make sure you label them at the bottom for easy identification and collection at the end of the party.
Just to give you an idea of the assortment of  toys we brought to the play area: toy keyboard, xylophone, toy cars, train and some books.
* Many thanks to my  friend Carolyn for helping me figure out the program. I tease her that she is a veteran since she has two kids and has 8 birthday parties under her belt. 
3. The Goodie Bag
-the following were included in the Marche package:fresh apple, balloon, 2 kid’s puzzle
-I added: a noisemaker toy, a bubbles blowing bottle, 
a butterscotch cupcake, homemade rattle and pompoms

The Goodie Bag
‘some things sweet & fun’

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