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Havaianas Bookmarks

Can you guess how long Havaianas flip flops have been around? You must think it’s a young company and probably just started in the last decade or so. 

“The first pair of Havaianas was made in 1962. They were based on the design of the Japanese Zori, a type of sandal made with fabric straps and rice straw soles. Because of this, Havaianas all have a textured rice pattern on the soles”. (Source: e-HOW style)

Repurposed Havaianas 
Shopping Bag

“The genesis of Havaianas is the Traditional model for men, women and children, with a white top and straps and soles in five colors… It didn’t take long for Brazilians to realize that the frugal design of Traditional Havaianas was great for creative intervention. Women customized theirs. Surfers started a trend when they removed the straps from Havaianas and put them back on with the sole side up. The company capitalized on this fad by launching monochromatic Havaianas Top, a unisex design, in 1994. There are more than 40 models of Havaianas and with all the colors available, that adds up to about 350 variations and they are now available in over 60 countries.” (Source:gobrazil.about.com)

A great story I find. But of equal interest to the flip flops are the Havaianas shopping bags. They are so bright and festive that you don’t really want to throw them away (at least I don’t). So I thought of making 
these laminated bookmarks out of the bags.

So the next time you head to the beach for a relaxing read on the hammock in your swimsuit and Havaianas, don’t forget to take your matching bookmark..hahahaha


You’ll Need…
Havaianas Shopping Bag
Colored Card stock or Construction Paper
Glue Stick or Double-sided Tape
Self-Stick Laminating Sheets
Lily Yarn -assorted colours 
(regular yarn or ribbon will do)
Round Corner Punch

Let’s Begin…

  1. Cut the parts of the Havaianas shopping bag design that you want to use.
  2. Cut to desired  size. (standard is 2″ x 6″) However, you will have to adjust size according to the bag design. 
  3. Cut card stock or construction paper in coordinating colour the same size as the front.
  4. Adhere the front and back with either glue stick or double-sided tape. 
  5. Cut self-stick laminating sheet giving enough allowance on all sides for sheets to adhere. Open the laminating sheet, insert the bookmark and peel off the adhesive liner.
  6. Trim sides. Round corners with the round corner punch.
  7. Punch a hole along the top middle edge of the bookmark.
  8. Double-up the yarn, pass through the hole and tie it off.  

Bookmark Warning: Radiates warm, exciting feeling of CarnavalMay leave book unread and hips swaying to samba. 

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