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Tropical Guestbook

Having mentioned my stay at the Vermont Studio Center in my last entry, I thought about my show at the VSC’s Red Mill Gallery. I like to work on a theme for my openings and add little details to create a distinct ambiance. The show was called “Tropical Flavors” and I made coconut cardboard brooches for my guests-of-honor.  And I also had a pineapple for a guestbook.  
pineapple guestbook

Here’s how the PINEAPPLE GUESTBOOK may look…

Whether you’re getting married in Hawaii or somewhere in the Tropics or perhaps you’re having  a Hawaiian themed birthday party –this is a perfect project for you!

You’ll need
a piece of MDF
acrylic paint
guestbook or sketchbook
glue gun 

Let’s Begin…

  1. Draw pineapple outline on MDF.
  2. Use a handsaw to cut out the shape.
  3. Paint the pineapple shape. Allow to dry completely.
  4. Put your guestbook on top of pineapple and draw the pattern on pineapple body on guestbook to subtly blend with pineapple pattern on MDF.
  5. Paint and allow to dry completely.
  6. Using glue gun adhere guestbook on the MDF.

Your tropical guestbook is now ready for your family and friends’
lovely messages to warm your heart for years and years to come!


Remember this is just a guide for any guestbook project: Let’s say  you want to make a unique baby shower guestbook, you can use the shape of a rubber duckie or a baby bottle for example…lots of possibilities, indeed!

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