As prescribed by Paulina Constancia

Scrap Wood Art

During my studio residency at the Vermont Studio Center (Johnson, Vermont, USA), I didn’t only have access to ample work space  but I also got to interact with other artists from all over the world. One of the great things about being at the VSC was the Open Studio Nights in which we all had the chance to go around the different studio buildings and observe what other artists were doing. On one visit to the Woodworking Studio I just happened to spot some interesting shapes in the pile of scrap wood.  Thus, the creation of “Milk Please!”
“Milk Please!” 
acrylic on scrap wood 
created by paulina constancia  Vermont 1997
I was so thrilled by the potential of scrap wood that I went to Beard True Value Hardware on Main Street to buy my own set of tools for my new found art series.  Hubert and Florence Beard were probably in their 70’s when I met them but boy were they the kindest hardware folks and they assisted me in so many ways during my 3 month stay in Vermont.  I hope one day to visit them again to talk about the hard and soft ware of life!
So, if you are lucky enough to live near a construction site or a lumber yard, be on the look out, for amidst that mountain of scrap wood lies art waiting to be born!
You’ll Need
scrap wood
wood glue
acrylic paint
dimensional paint
picture hanger and screws
Let’s Begin…
  1. Source your local lumber yard or construction site and ask if you could ask for some scrap wood.
  2. Play around with your found wood and work on your composition.
  3. Screw the pieces together. Paint.
  4. Adhere add-ons using wood glue.
  5. Attach picture hanger on the back of your artwork.
And there you go– from junk to a work of art. Enjoy your masterpiece!


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