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Passion for Photography 3: Fabrice Guitteaud- Fashion (Thailand -France)

From Sydney we now move on to Phuket, Thailand and get to know French photographer Fabrice “Bill” Guitteaud and his fashion photography.

Name: Fabrice “Bill” GUITTEAUD
Name of Company: FRANCO MEDIA CO., LTD.
City/Country base: Phuket, THAILAND

company logo


The Camera:

DDoA: What was your first camera?
FG: I started with a compact camera from Olympus. 

DDoA:  What’s your camera now
FG:  Now I use the Nikon brand, I looked forward to the release of the new model: Nikon D810

DDoA:  What would you recommend as a starter camera for somebody who wants to pursue photography as a hobby? as a profession?
FG:  At the beginning, no need to buy a professional camera, just a simple DSLR could be more than ok. Then just learn from it about lighting, composition and much more.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Passion & Profession

DDoA:  What made you pursue a career in photography? What was your profession before?
FG:  I am an architect by training, so I started by photographing pictures of villas from all stages of construction. Then I photographed a lot of landscapes. All this has contributed to bringing me to take pictures of all kinds.

DDoA: Do you have a favourite subject? What was your most unforgettable photo shoot/session?
FG:  No I don t really have a favorite subject. I just try to always take the best angle of the model or landscape in front of my lens.


DDoA: What makes a good picture?
FG: I prefer to use natural light when I can, and create a relaxed and fun setting to capture the natural interactions . Please excuse my silliness, but genuine smiles are just so much better than saying “CHEESE”.

DDoA: What are some of the advantages & disadvantages of photography as a profession?
FG:  Advantage: Creating images that my clients will treasure forever is the most rewarding job I have ever had, and I am so grateful to each of them for giving me the pleasure to get to know them and their families.
Disadvantage: Most of the time, people (customers) don’t really understand the work we photographers do. They cannot imagine that there is a lot of work behind only one click.

DDoA: What tips can you give to enthusiasts on taking fashion photography?
FG:  It will always be better if you work with the designer and choreographer and then be at the right place at the right moment.
Tips for Photographers in general: You never know what will become of one of your pictures. The first thing is to make the picture  a shot of exception. And indeed, when the picture is published on the magazines or on various media, it is always something and it gives you intense joy.





DDoA: How do you think photographers can influence the way people perceive the world? Do you think photographers are able to motivate people to make positive change in the world.
FG:  I think so, and i really hope we will succeed.

Check out other images by Fabrice “Bill” Guitteaud:

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So do… follow the tips of Fabrice to make a good photo— use natural light, create a relaxed and fun setting, and capture natural interactions.



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