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Bubble Talk 2: Bubble Prints & Projects

Today we look into different ways we can print with bubbles. I share with you some tutorials. I also have some cool projects to try out after you’ve made your … Continue reading

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Year of the Horse Crafting 2: Lone Star Horse Rattle

Today’s post is a western salute to an eastern tradition. It’s western because it brings elements of horses and cowboys. And it’s eastern because it’s a project commemorating the start … Continue reading

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Year of the Horse Crafting 1: Paper Roll & Popsicle Horse

Happy New Year to all of you! According to Chinese Zodiac, 2014 is Year of the horse. Since I am currently residing in Singapore, a country that is predominantly Chinese, … Continue reading

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Keeping Christ in Christmas 1: The Christmas Story

I have ecumenical beliefs which means I respect people of all faiths. However, I just want to ask you to take a moment to reflect on this: If December 25th … Continue reading

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Simple Homemade Christmas Gifts 6- ELF

Hello and Welcome to another Movie Day on Daily Dose of Art!  Since we are talking about making gifts for Christmas, it seems fitting to include the film “ELF”, starring … Continue reading

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Santa & Snow in the Tropics 5: The Santa Clause

It’s movie time on Daily Dose of Art! And thanks to Hollywood, you can be anywhere in the world and see Santa and Snow in the comfort of your home. … Continue reading

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Indian Curry Udon

Today we are going to make ‘edible art’ — the art of fusion cuisine. We will bring together something of India – curry- with something of Japan – udon (normally served as a soup or  teriyaki … Continue reading

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