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Dose # 63: Fire & Rescue 2: Experiencing the SGFPC

Today and tomorrow we’ll take you inside the Singapore Global Firefighters and Paramedics Challenge or SGFPC – lots to learn and lots of new tech to see…

Dose # 62-68- Fire & Rescue
Learning Excursions and Party Theme

Dose #63:
Fire & Rescue 2:
Experiencing the SGFPC

The Idea: take your kids to activities organised to engage the general public with fire & rescue and emergency care professionals

Visit to: the Singapore-Global Firefighters & Paramedics Challenge 2014


Benefits: it is both play and learning for children;  children get to play grown ups as they try out the big engines and life saving technologies; children learn about different professions early on, the experience will instill in young children an appreciation for the men and women who dedicate themselves to saving lives.

trying out the suit

Hi I’m firefighter Lucas and that’s my fire engine over there!

inside an ambulance

I wanna see what’s inside an ambulance, Daddy!

There were far too many things we experienced at the SGFPC, I cannot post all those pictures here so here are the highlights:

kitchen fire

Here we are smiling after we fought our first fire – A Kitchen Fire at this kitchen fire simulator van

car fire

Here is my 4 year old learning how to put out a CAR FIRE with a fire extinguisher

residential fires

Learning to prevent and put out fire in residential premises

confined space rescue 2

Confined Rescue Learning Area for kids

crawl training

Children learn to crawl safely through a confined space


Free fun rides and teaching kids about the importance of giving way to emergency vehicles

free rides

Fun, fun, fun!


An Overview of CPR – I was sort of worried that my 4 year old was learning this –I asked the paramedic “isn’t it a little early? ” As it turns out something as simple as asking “Are you ok, are you ok.” may just save lives

tremor simulator

The Tremorlator – experiencing tremors and learning how to respond calmly and safely

Click here to learn more about SGFPC
Learn about the three main challenges at the SGFPC

Check out tomorrow’s post: “New Tech Spotted at SGFPC”

rx-logo-11So do…expose your young children to the world of life-saving professionals. It may be a career option for the future, if not your children will still have an appreciation for the men and women who dedicate their lives to helping us in our moments of great need.

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