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Dose # 62: Fire & Rescue 1: A Visit to a Fire Station

Today, we start a new series called Fire & Rescue. I feel the need to post this since my son has been into everything related to F & R for a year now. It all started with a learning theme in his preschool here in Singapore which culminated in a visit to a local fire station. Unfortunately, he was sick on the day of the excursion.   A couple of weeks later we were visiting family in Canada – in his Dad’s hometown of Fort St. John. We just happened to pass by the brand new fire station and I wondered if it was alright to pop in so my son could have his own Fire station excursion.  So we rang the bell. And out came two young firefighters. When we told them that my husband was a native of FSJ and that we were visiting from Singapore, they said “Well, we’re not busy right now – it should be ok. Come on in.”

Dose # 62-68- Fire & Rescue Learning Excursions and Party Theme

Dose #62:
Fire & Rescue 1: A Visit to a Fire Station

The Idea: take your young kids to the local fire station; it would  even better if you can propose the idea to their school so they can organise the visit and it will be more fun to have your child share this experience with his classmates as they will be chatting about it for many weeks

Visit to:  Fort St. John Fire Department, BC, Canada,

city map

The first thing that greets you is a great big aerial map of the city where they can mark out their routes and note any road closures of the day

which truck to ride

My son admiring the great big red fire engines

2 young FSJ firefighters

We had these two wonderful young firefighters as tour guides

ridin in the back

Photo of us inside the fire truck

i can drive this truck

Lucas planning on test driving this one

the new pole

At the end of our visit – one of the firefighters demonstrated to us the latest fire station technology, the swaying fire pole, apparently it is easier and safer to glide down on as it moves with you. Lucas’ tour was made complete with a fire hat of his own.

rx-logo-11So do…take your children’s interests and play themes seriously. Ponder on the words of Fred Rogers: “Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” from brainy quotes

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