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Dose # 59: PENCILS 5 – DIY Colored Pencil Ring

Today, with this DIY by Peter Brown – you can have your pencils and wear them too!

Dose # 55-61- PENCILS

Dose #59: PENCILS 5- DIY Colored Pencil Ring

The Idea: gluing colored pencils together and then cutting and shaping them into jewellery

Spotted at: you tube,   twentytwowords

Possibilities: pendants, earrings, personal and home decor, etc.


Peter Brown’s DIY Ring out of Colored Pencils

About Peter Brown: Peter is a computer geek by day and a woodworker by night and weekend. The DIY video was just to share a fun project, but it has created a lot of interest…Read more on  twentytwowords

Inspiration: From my research on the internet, a few names came up when I searched ‘coloured pencils in jewellery design’. But I suspect this is the artist that started it all – Italian artist Maria Cristina Bellucci – check out her pencil jewellery masterpieces on craft2eu, and on kilmt02

rx-logo-11So do…ponder on this:  Joyce Meyer says, “A #2 pencil and a dream can take you anywhere.” (brainy quotes) But as this computer geek-turned-jewellery maker Peter Brown has demonstrated —a box of coloured pencils and a weekend project can open a whole new world for you.


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