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Dose #44 – Cabbage Rose Valentine Craft Combo

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow – a day definitely not just for lovers… but for family, friends and all those we hold dear. I just wanted to share with you this Valentine craft combo that I did with my little crafters.

Dose #44: Cabbage Rose Valetine Craft Combo
Print & Blossom

Here’s how we did this Valentine Craft Combo:

1) I got a few felt coasters from Daiso – 6 in a set.



2) I cut out the part of coaster I wanted to use for my project… and then I covered back with cardboard.

3) I used a tongue depressor for the stem and cut green felt for the leaves. (using a glue gun to glue pieces/parts together)


prep work

4) I primed the rose with white acrylic paint, and this is what my students (ages 2 to 5) get to paint – a white rose and they get red and green paint (washable, non-toxic acrylic for kids)

5) Paint away with red and green…


6) Make a print:  put an A4 paper on top of the painted rose to make an impression.  Press evenly with the back of your hand, pressing along the contours of the rose (stem and leaves), making sure you get as much detail imprinted. Put print aside and finish painting your rose.


7) Some details didn’t show: NO WORRIES —use cotton buds (Qtip) to dot in some details. Photo below shows rubber stamps that I used to embellish my Cabbage Rose print.


Below is my Cabbage Rose Valentine Print


And below – is my Cabbage Rose Valentine Blossom


Here are my little crafters at work:

kids at work-comic effect


And here are their masterpieces:

The Prints

kids work summary-the print

The Blossoms

kids work-blossom


Note to Teachers:
As a warm-up activity,  I taught the kids the poem “Roses are red. Violets are blue. Sugar is sweet and so are you.” to the tune of “Red Like I Said” by Network Ten (it’s from a collection called “In The Box”). Teachers in Singapore and Australia may be familiar with this tune. However, you can always come up with your own tune.

rx-logo-11So do… find creative ways to show your love to those dear to you. Flowers are nice, chocolate is sweet- but a little kindness everyday means so much more!

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