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Dose #43 – Keeping Vigil

On our last feature, we’ll learn about the CNY custom of  ‘Keeping Vigil’ and more…

We come to the last feature of  All I Need To Know About CNY 
I Learned from a Transit Ad
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Dose #43: Keeping Vigil

Spotted at: YEO’s  Transit Ads, MRT stations across Singapore

What I Learned About CNY: “After the New Year’s Eve reunion dinner, children gather to stay up through the night to welcome the New Year. It is believed that the longer the children stay awake, it is a blessing for the longevity of the parents.” -YEO’s  poster

keeping vigil

Read a Singaporean’s personal CNY story: “Reminiscing Those Chinese New Years” on timesofmylife

Here are just 2 other things I want to share with you:

Note: I did a screen grab a few days ago and forgot to note the source. If I remember right I found it on some Macau site, it must have been the Venetian. For some reason, I couldn’t find this site again and could not properly give credit to the source of this info.  Anyway, I don’t claim this to be my own. I just thought it’s fun information to read. So here goes…

1) The Lunar New Year in China vs The Lunar New Year in the rest of Asia

Lunar New Year-china vs rest of asia

2) Seven Deadly Sins and the Chinese New Year

seven deadly sins & CNY

rx-logo-11So do… remember – superstitious or not, there’s good reason to make every effort to start your year on a high note. Gong Xi Fa Cai!  Gong Hey Fat Choy!

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