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CHRISTMAS CRAFTS 5: Patched Throw Pillows

On our last project for this series, I bring you the Patched Yuletide Throw Pillows.

A couple of years ago, we received a parcel from a friend in Canada. She’s a very crafty person, so inside the box we found our Christmas bundle inside a home-sewn cloth gift bag. It was so pretty, I didn’t want to re-gift it but I also wanted to enjoy it in a different form. I was relaxing on our couch hugging our newly purchased  plain red Ikea throw pillow when I put two and two together. A plain red throw pillow and a green Christmas cloth bag….aha… why don’t I make some patched Yuletide throw pillows?

So I thought I’d share this project with you. It’s easy-breezy… no kidding!

You will need:

  • Leafy Christmas fabric (For my example, I repurposed a cloth gift bag from a friend)
  • scissors
  • print out of Christmas tree silhouette or you can make your own freehand (to actual size you will use for project)
  • red throw pillows (mine’s from IKEA)
  • yellow ochre dimensional craft paint ( I used Folk Art/High Definition)
  • needle and thread
  • basic stitching skills (running stitch will do)
sample of christmas leafy fabric

Samples of leafy Christmas fabric

Here are a couple of ideas for Christmas tree silhouettes. There’s more available on line…


Christmas tree silhouette – Sample 1
Image Source


Christmas tree silhouette – Sample 2
Image Source


  1. Cut the print out of the Christmas tree silhouette (or of course you can draw your own freehand) to use as a pattern.
  2. Overlay pattern on fabric; cut to shape
  3. Lay out the tree on the throw pillow and secure into place with pins
  4. Sew around the contour of the tree about half a centimetre from the edge.
  5. Apply the dimensional paint onto the edge and slightly overlapping  to seal the edges and cover the running stitch, leaving you with a clean outline all around.
  6. Add star and trunk on your tree using the dimensional paint. Allow to dry completely.
  7. Optional: Add dots/zigzags/twirls, or whatever squiggling you want to do to enhance the design of fabric.
patch-step 1

Cut fabric tree

patch-step 2

A simple running stitch secures this patch in place…
Needlework image source

step 3- patchpillow-yel ochre

I used Yellow Ochre Folk Art- HD paint to make a clean outline and also to add a star on top of the tree

And there you go— a lovely pair of patched throw pillows for your family to treasure and enjoy this yuletide season and for years to come!

enhanced throws

My patched throw pillows take centre stage in our living room every yuletide season,
now on their 3rd year running…


sketch guests with pillow

Our guests enjoying our yuletide patched throw pillows…



So drx-logo-11o… find ways of repurposing things and you will be surprised by the very original and special projects and results you can come up with. All you have to do is to imagine, create and enjoy!


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