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CLIP ART 4: How can you make CLIPLLERY?

Today we look into how we can make “CLIPLLERY” – jewellery using paper clips.  I bring you seasoned Canadian craft designer Emi Harrington and young British craft designer Jordan Norrington.

Paper Clip + Imagination = Fun & Fabulous Jewellery by EMI


About Craft Designer Emi Harrington

“Born and raised in the countryside of Nova Scotia, Canada, I became adept at improvising craft supplies, as we didn’t live anywhere near any stores for supplies!

I’m an avid crafter, and I work in multiple mediums! I have been crafting for pretty much all my life! I’ve been a craft show vendor, a teacher, a bookkeeper, a Cub Scout and Girl Guide Leader, a mature student at University, a seamstress, a painter, an artist, a mother, a grand-mother..” – Emi Harrington   Read more

Read her bio on favecrafts
Check out her  shop HECTANOOGA on etsy
HECTANOOGA ON YOUTUBE: FREE tutorials click here

Paper Clip Bracelet by Emi Harrington
 on Favecrafts
“Paper clip jewelry is unique and thrifty. Learn how to make jewelry from paper clips like these pretty bracelets for a fun craft idea that also makes a great gift.”-E.H.

Paper Clip Beads by Emi Harrington

Here is another tutorial by Emi Harrington – this time she shows us how to make paper clip beads. She uses paper for her tutorial. If you’re worried about the RAIN factor when wearing these beads, you can always use alternative water resistant or water proof material.


Crochet +  Colored Paper Clips + Imagination = Fun & Upbeat Fashion Jewellery by JORDAN


About Craft Designer JORDAN

“ When I was about 14,  I asked my Mum to teach me the basics of knitting.  From then on, I taught myself how to crochet and began to explore further which led me to start sewing and pattern cutting which is what I now study at university as part of my Costume Production Degree. I love fashion (no matter how alternative) and bridal wear from all cultures. I enjoy experimenting and trying to come up with unique and different things which will intrigue or interest people- hence why I developed my paperclip jewellery. To me, the paper clips are not immediately obvious in the jewellery- they make up the design and it takes a second look to realise that the necklace and bracelets are made from stationery!

Another factor that adds to my crafting is my interest in recycling and using things I already have that I have collected to make things rather than first going to the shops to buy my materials.That way I think things have more of a story and are more unique as all the ‘ingredients’ cannot be sourced exactly ever again really 🙂 

– Jordan Norrington

Visit her shop Stitched by Jordan on etsy

Here are a couple of paper clip jewellery sets by Jordan:

jordan-crochet and clips


My Variation of  Emi Harrington’s Paper Clip Beads…

Simple Sunflower Paper Clip Pendant
Inspired by Emi Harrington’s paper clip beads, I thought I’d explore the concept of wrapped paperclips to turn into beads or pendants. 

  • Use quilt fabric (if you want a water-resistant fabric, use upholstery fabric)
  • Cut fabric to size and secure edges with Modge Podge glue
  • Apply Modge Podge glue on the entire back of fabric, then wrap around paper clip.
  • Optional: Apply a topcoat of glossy Modge Podge to make it shine.

Another option: Add a little bit of Jordan’s flair… and make a crochet chain necklace to hold your paper clip pendant.

Learn basic crochet via craftyarncouncil  or via about home

DDoA pendant idea -sunflower

FYI: For demonstration purposes I have used a section from a digital image of the daydream quilting fabric by Stephanie Brandenburg. Image via sewthisandthat


image for headerSo do… as Emi and Jordan have done – make something beautiful and useful using whatever you have available, and dare to share your crafting discoveries & adventures.












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