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Nick Vujicic on Standing Strong 2: Happiness in Who You Are

In our world today where there is widespread misery brought about by identity confusion – where people think ‘what they do’ and  ‘what they have’ define them, Nick Vujicic comes with a message that brings true joy and peace to every heart. Let’s hear what he has to say about happiness and the difference between who you are and what you do.

I met Nick during his recent visit to Kinokuniya Singapore to promote his new book,  STAND STRONG. I continue today with the 2nd of the 5 inspiring messages that I heard from Nick Vujicic, best-selling author and well-loved human being.

Allow me to start by sharing more information about this I.I.I. as I would call him . That is, Incredibly Inspiring Individual.

“Since his first speaking engagement at age 19, Nick has traveled around the world, sharing his story with millions, sometimes in stadiums filled to capacity, speaking to a range of diverse groups such as students, teachers, young people, business professionals and church congregations of all sizes. Today this dynamic young evangelist has accomplished more than most people achieve in a lifetime. He’s an author, musician, actor, and his hobbies include fishing, painting and swimming…” (and now, if I may add – Nick is a husband and father…)

Read more of his bio on Life without Limbs

I had to share the paragraph above  so you will understand the stage in life he is in right now. He is an accomplished and sought after speaker and writer,  and  a doting husband and father.


Nick enjoying a lovely day at the beach
with wife Kanae and son Kiyoshi
Photo from Nick’s Facebook page

Here is what he told us when we met him at the Kinokuniya bookstore in  Singapore:

“Many people ask me, ‘what do you want your child to be?’  I don’t care if my son is not a CEO or is not a banker, i don’t care if he cleans toilets in a high school…”

And here are the details of how he started his journey as a globe-trotting motivational speaker…

“A janitor at my high school inspired me to start speaking about my faith and overcoming adversity when I was seventeen. I spoke only a dozen times to very small groups over the next two years. Then I found myself in front of three hundred sophomore (grade 10) students and I was very nervous. My knees were shaking. Within the first three minutes of my talk, half the girls were crying, and most of the boys were struggling to hold their emotions together. One girl in particular was sobbing very hard. We all looked at her and she put her hand up. She said, “I am so sorry to interrupt, but can I come up and hug you?”

She came hugged me in front of everyone, and whispered in my ear, “Thank you, thank you, thank you. No one has ever told me that they loved me and that I am beautiful the way I am.”

Her gratitude inspired me to go across 44 countries and speak 2,000 times. I realized that we all need love and hope and that I was in a unique position to share that with people around the world…”

Read more on  Attitude is Altitude


Nick speaking before high school students in Hawaii
Photo from Nick’s Facebook page

Inspiring Message from My Afternoon with Nick 2: HAPPINESS in WHO YOU ARE

“It doesn’t matter what occupation you have. you need to find happiness in who you are more than what you do.” – Nick Vujicic

* Here is my second ‘salute collage’. As you can see, Nick has a thing for skateboarding. And who would’ve thought it could be a vehicle for inspiring others. Here he is-  giving a ‘boost’ to a fellow limbless human being. I salute you, Nick! Way to go! You are a great inspiration!

Nick salute collage 2

Salute Collage for Nick Vujicic 2
A Photo Collage by Paulina Constancia on Daily Dose of Art

Preview  his book STAND STRONG: You Can Overcome Bullying
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Listen to Today’s Encouraging Word with Nick on radio 

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So do… as Nick does – know and find happiness in who you are!

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