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Life Lessons from Maya Angelou 4: On Being HUMAN

What does it mean to be human? Maya Angelou shared some wise words on the topic on different occasions during her lifetime.

I hope you will be inspired and moved by these life lessons on our “humanness” from the late Dr. Maya Angelou…

“We sometimes think that we can be better than another person. The truth is no human being could be more human than another human being. You can be younger and prettier and finer and richer, but you can’t be more human.”

-Maya Angelou
Excerpts from the Bobby Jones Gospel show

“The truth is human beings are more alike than we are unalike. And if I cry, whether you want to admit it or not, you understand that. And if I mourn, you understand. If you are yearning for something, I see that. The truth is we know each other and we tell ourselves we don’t. Maybe out of timidity, but there’s that connection between human beings…”

-Maya Angelou
Excerpts from an interview with Hannah Mayo on the Heaven and Earth show

A Little Tribute to MAYA ANGELOU "Life Lessons from Maya 4: On Being HUMAN" by Paulina Constancia

A Little Tribute to MAYA ANGELOU
“Life Lessons from Maya 4: On Being HUMAN”
Digital collage by Paulina Constancia

Here is another video in which Dr. Maya Angelou talks about being HUMAN:

Oprah Presents MASTER CLASS
“I Am Human”
with Dr. Maya Angelou

Learn more about Maya Angelou on biothe academy of achievement, and wikipedia

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So do… remember what Maya said, “We human beings are more alike than we are unalike.” Reach out to others, make a new friend, a connection wherever life takes you…

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