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Life Lessons from Maya Angelou 3: On PEACE

As I searched You Tube for Maya Angelou’s speeches, interviews and performances, I found this video of her sharing the genesis of her poem THE MASK and also giving wise words on peace to her audience in BET’s Bobby Jones Gospel.

Below is Maya Angelou’s life lesson on PEACE…

“Bring peace in your heart
wherever you go- anywhere.
Just decide I’m taking peace with me.
I’m not waiting till I get there
to make it!
(You understand? It’s my prayer for you and I thank you for your love)”

Maya 3 - On Bringing Peace

A Little Tribute to MAYA ANGELOU
“Life Lessons from Maya 3: On Bringing PEACE”
Digital collage by Paulina Constancia

Maya Angelou shares her poem THE MASK on
BET’s Bobby Jones Gospel
Read THE MASK poem by Maya Angelou on Poeticous

Learn more about Maya Angelou on biothe academy of achievement, and wikipedia

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So do… as Maya said , “Bring peace with you wherever you go.”

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