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Life Lessons from Maya Angelou 1: On LOVE

April 4, 1928 and May 28, 2014 are two days that will be given much attention in history, they are the dates of the birth and death of  Marguerite Annie Johnson or MAYA ANGELOU as she is better known. She was a celebrated American author and poet, but I prefer to label her as ‘inspiring human being’. We all live and eventually die but not all learn while they live. In the case of Maya Angelou, she lived, learned and shared those lessons with the world.

This week I share with you some of the life lessons from Maya Angelou’s interviews and speeches that have struck me the most. I hope they will inspire and move you just as much…

Alongside a secure childhood with her grandmother, there were many traumatic things that happened to Maya Angelou in her early life: abandoned by her parents, raped by her mother’s boyfriend at 8, becoming a single mother at 17… On the Heaven and Earth Show, host Hannah Mayo said to Maya “For many people those can be experiences that would completely flaw them but you sort of have thrived in them so much…”

Here is Maya Angelou’s response:

“There’s that saying, One man’s meat, another man’s poison. What may have  broken another person down simply did not break me down and probably because I had love. I was loved by my grandmother, and by my uncle and by my brother.  They loved me.  Love gives you the courage to say ‘Don’t do that. That’s not smart.’ Love gives you the courage to say, ‘That was brilliant. Do it again and again.'”

Maya 1 - On Love

A little tribute to MAYA ANGELOU
“Life Lessons from Maya 1: On Love”
Digital collage by Paulina Constancia

Heaven and Earth Show
Interviewer: Hannah Mayo
Director: Jennifer Page
Learn more about Maya Angelou on bio, the academy of achievement, and wikipedia

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So do… as Maya said, draw courage from the love around you.

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