As prescribed by Paulina Constancia

Crusading for Mothers on International Women’s Day 4: Mothers & The Child Nutrition Challenge

Today we look into Mothers and the challenge of providing healthy nutrition for their children…

My story: When my son was just starting on semi-solid food, he had the healthiest diet- lots of organic fruit, vegetables and wholesome grains. There was no debating, fighting, spitting, throwing bowls,etc. And because Mommy’s vegetarian, baby was vegetarian. Things took a different turn once he got stronger physically and learned to speak. As soon as he could say NO…feeding time was never the same again. I am still observing what my son likes and doesn’t like and learning how I can incorporate the stuff that he may not like but are good for him.

Did you know…”that 80% of parents are concerned about their children’s eating habits? Even the most health conscious parents, no matter how hard they try, can have a hard time making sure their kids eat the right foods and get the right level of nutrition to keep them healthy and grow and develop into healthy adults…” via feedingpickykids

“No, No!”
Mixed media art by Paulina Constancia

Artist’s Note:
A mother could spend hours preparing a nutritious meal for her child but one flip of that bowl and that food is history. Oooops, it fell! Or her child just covers his mouth with two hands so Mom’s magic spoon could not stand a chance.

How we can help mothers?
If she’s frustrated because of her child’s refusal to eat healthy food, empathize with her. Even better, help her out! If you truly care, help her by volunteering time to research ways to feed her picky eater nutritious food. Below are some resources available on the internet on feeding guidelines and techniques for picky eaters. 

Resources for Mothers:
Feeding Your Toddler
Feeding Toddlers: 8 Common Mistakes Parents Make
Feeding Picky Kids -BLOG
Feeding the Picky Eater: 17 Tips
Healthy Eating for Children & Teens
Some of the organizations helping with Mother and Child Nutrition Around the World
Helen Keller International
Care International

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