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Crusading for Mothers on International Women’s Day 3: New Mothers & Their Daily Challenges

Today we look into New Moms and their Daily Challenges…

My Story: The early stages of motherhood were really tough for me. I was then in Canada. My husband and I both lived at least 12 hours away from family. At least 12 hours flying for me to get to my family in Cebu, and 12 hours of driving for him to get close to his family in Fort St. John. So when he was at work, I was all by myself to care of our son and do chores and all. My husband is an incredibly loving, supportive and helpful human being but when he was at work, I honestly could have used an extra set of hands of family, friends or anyone just to afford me to take a few breaks here and there. I was just lucky that I did not suffer from postpartum depression. Without the geographical proximity of family and friends – having a child, especially your first born, can be incredibly challenging.

Did you know? 1 in 8 Women Suffer from Postapartum Depression
*If you are one of them, know that you are NOT alone and HELP is available POSTPARTUM SUPPORT INTERNATIONAL
All In A Day’s Work
Mixed Media Art by Paulina Constancia
Why the multitude of arms?
With this image, I wish to portray to the world how much work it entails to be a mother. We need more than two hands and all the help we can get. Motherhood is the most demanding and rewarding job in the world. No woman should ever have to do it alone.

How can we help mothers?

When mothers with infants say I barely have time to bathe or eat, that is not an exaggeration—that’s them crying out for help. Dare to ask ‘HOW CAN I HELP?’ and actually MEAN it and Do as you say. The commitment to help from a thoughtful and generous spirit means the world to mothers.

Here is a wonderful resource for family and friends who want to help new Moms or Moms with infant and other children plus plenty of chores: 20 Ways to Help a New Mom via Canadian Living

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