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HEART CRAFTS 4: The Stained Heart

Today I bring you ‘The Stained Heart’. Let’s look at this word ‘stained’. It means ‘when something is marked with colored patches or dirty marks that are not easily removed’.
With today’s Stained Heart project we will mimic the stained glass effect using various patterns and colours. It symbolises how the people who come into our lives bring a new colour and design to our heart. The resulting melange of patterns is what makes us unique.

The Stained Heart

-faux stained heart art using reverse painting techniques
  • plastic heart
  • black dimensional paint (like Puffy)
  • acrylic paints (4-6 colors)
  • mini hole puncher
  • white string
  • cardboard
  • red felt
Basic material: plastic heart (ball-$3 at Art Friend Singapore)
– you can paint both pieces but I decided to just use one.
Step 1: Paint design details on reverse side of heart using black dimensional paint. Allow to dry completely.
*The basic black line design completed.
Step 2: Using 4 to 6 acrylic colours, paint around your black outlines.
Note: The beauty of this project is that even if you accidentally colour over the black line, it won’t show through the other side. So feel free to make a mistake, hahaha
Step 3: Cut cardboard to cover back (use the other half of heart ball as template).
a- (inside face)- draw black outline around heart using dimensional paint. Allow to dry completely before moving on to step b.
b- (exposed face)- adhere red felt to cardboard and draw black outline with dimensional paint.
When completely dry, adhere back cover to the Stained heart with the felt-side exposed.
Step 4: Make a hanging loop. 
Heart Crafts 4:
The Stained Heart
on Daily Dose of Art
Love Quote of the Day:
“Do all things with love.”

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