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HEART CRAFTS 3: The Blue Heart

Blue is a favourite colour of mine. It is interesting though what people associate with the colour when it comes to the affairs of the heart. Lonely, hurt, heartbroken… 
Remember the Carpenters’ song ‘All You Get from Love is a Love Song’? Here’s a stanza from the song: (via Metro Lyrics)
And it’s a dirty old shame

When all you get from love is a love song

That’s got you layin’ up nights just waitin’

For the music to start

It’s such a dirty old shame when you got to

Take the blame for a love song

Because the best love songs

Are written with a broken heart
Listen to the song on youtube
Just as the Carpenters made a song about it, we can make something positive come out of it when a beloved chooses to leave and we’re left feeling blue. Crafting for example is a good release. I invite you to make The Blue Heart Door Hanger, sort of symbolic of how one cannot leave the doors of one’s heart locked forever after it’s been broken. Leave little bells at your heart’s door to beckon new love. ‘The best is yet to come!’
The Blue Heart
Door Hanger
  • heart main piece
  • assorted beads 
  • crown component
  • 3 mini bells
  • colored string
  • scissors
  • crafting hand drill
  • crafting forceps
Here are your basic materials…
Step 1: Work on your design/composition.
Play around with your main heart piece, bells and assorted beads. Take a photo so you will remember your design and refer to it as you go along.

Step 2: Drill holes  at the bottom of heart piece and insert strings using the crafting forceps.

Step 3: Thread beads and attach the mini bells using jump rings.
Here’s how the bells will hang…

Step 4: Attach large jump ring to heart piece and insert long string to continue your beading adventure.

Step 5: Thread beads and knot whenever you have a big bead following a smaller bead (this will ensure they are threaded tightly together. For my design, I knotted before and after the blue hearts.

Step 6: Finish beading with a crown component, knot and then make a hanging loop (4-6 inches long, enough to fit door knob)

Heart Crafts 3:
The Blue Heart
on Daily Dose of Art
Designed & Crafted by Paulina Constancia
Love Quote of the Day:
“Love is a friendship set to music.”

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