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ANIMAL ART 4: Megan Coyle’s Animal Collage

Welcome to Day 4 of Animal Art here on DDoA! Today we look into the charming animal collage art of Megan Coyle.


Megan Coyle is a collage artist based in the Washington, DC area. She creates artwork from magazine pages using a technique she calls “painting with paper.” She cuts the paper into different shapes and layers them in such a way that they look almost like the brushstrokes in a painting.
Go to her website to ORDER A PRINT
A Little About Megan Coyleaccording to Megan…

Hi, I’m Megan Coyle…
Portrait of  Collage Artist MEGAN COYLE
Image Source

I grew up in Alexandria, Virginia. As a child, I took several classes at a local art gallery and often wrote and illustrated my own stories. I became more serious about art in high school, but by the time I entered college, I was almost positive that I would someday become a writer. Several writing workshops later, my zeal for writing had passed on—I was a mess trying to figure out if anything I wrote was ever any good. Thus it was time to give up writing and turn back to my roots in art.

In 2008, I graduated from Elon University with a degree in Painting and Creative Writing. For my senior thesis, although I studied painting, I created several portrait collages from magazine strips. This series became my first cohesive body of work, showcasing a technique I call “painting with paper.” Since then, I’ve continued to work on honing and developing my craft as an artist…”Read more 

Megan has written and illustrated her first book, 
“DUCK & FISH”. Preview it on BLURB.
Today’s Quote on Animals:
“I ask people why they have deer heads 
on their walls. They always say 
because it’s such a beautiful animal. 
There you go. 
I think my mother is attractive, 
but I have photographs of her.” 
Ellen DeGeneres

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