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Totally TOKYO 1: Smart Everyday Solutions

Welcome to a new week here on DDOA! This week I share with you some of the things that are Totally TOKYO– objects and experiences that are unique to Tokyo! 
Today we look at some of the SMART EVERYDAY SOLUTIONS that I observed while in Tokyo. Maybe they are practiced in other parts of Japan but I’ll just say Tokyo (& surroundings) since that’s where i visited recently.
I christen this the ‘Fitting Veil’
-at a fashion boutique in Tokyo, Japan-
Photo by P.Constancia
I wanted to try on this dress at a boutique. The salesperson was happy to direct me to the fitting room, gave me this ‘shield’ and muttered some important instructions in Japanese. I call it the Fitting Veil. The blogger in me was so tickled pink that I just took my photo in the fitting room and left.  I wanted to leave quickly and look around for more practices that are unique to this part of the world.
Smart Solutions in the Dining Scene
Divided Plates for Buffet-Style Dining
-at Bella Foresta Restaurant, Hakone Open Air Museum-
Photo by Michael Wortman
This I observed not far from Tokyo, in Hakone, Kanagawa.
I thought it’s such a clever solution for buffet dining. With the variety offered, very likely you will have wet and dry and mushy food all crammed in one plate. Sometimes, they mix so messily on your plate that they don’t look appetizing anymore. With this plate you can maintain the integrity of the variety of food you have selected. 
Your Personal Caddy at  Cafes & Restaurants in Tokyo
Rest your stuff in that basket and dine with ease.
Smart Solutions ‘for’ the Rainy Scene
RAINCOVERS for Everything
Yes, in Tokyo raincovers are not only for people- purses and umbrellas get their own covers too…

And here is the latest rain protector:

Photo from a feature on AIDEA SHOHIN, Businessweek
Photo and Info Source

I originally just wanted to mention curious products that I saw and took photos of myself while in Tokyo.  However, as I searched the internet on the latest Japanese inventions, I found out from an article on Businessweek that these products that i call ‘smart everyday solutions’ actually have a particular name in Japan. They are called aidea shohin (‘idea products’) unusual gadgets that would be convenient to own but not practical enough for most retailers to sell in Japanese stores. Although some people might call them pointless, these idea products are popular among Japanese consumers shopping online or via catalogs and TV. 
Read more

Here are some more AIDEA SHOHIN or “idea products”:
Curved Chopsticks
Computer-heated Lunch Box
Long-Distance Pet Feeder

Mattress with a Built-in Fan
Vibrating Alarm Pillow

Japanese people are very hardworking. Majority live not too close to where they work. Although the company pays for the employee’s transit cost, it still doesn’t change the fact that most have to be on the train very early to get to work and really late to get home. So you see a lot of ‘sleepy’ folks on the Metro..here’s a smart solution for this everyday scenario.. The Earphone Alarm
Earphone Alarm
Manufacturer: Honda Tsushin Kogyo
The Anshinkun-2 is a light, small timer that you wear like an earphone. With this gadget, you won’t miss your stop on the train even if you’re napping. Simply set the alarm for the time you want to get off, and the Anshinkun-2 will wake you up before the train leaves the station.
Here’s an interesting article on Japanese innovation: 
“It isn’t all over; 
everything has not been invented; 
the human adventure is just beginning.”
-Gene Roddenberry
Quote from Good Reads


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