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CONESciousness 7: Cake Cones

Welcome to Day 7 of CONESciousness here on DDOA! Today I bring you the CAKE CONE. To me this is a great invention! Who’d have thought one day we can hold and enjoy our ice cream cone and cake in one hand?

There are three different recipes that I have selected–BROWNIES IN A CONE by Taste of Home, FUNFETTI BROWNIE by Pillsbury and a CUPCAKE CONE Tutorial by AboutdotCom. Click on the links if you want to try making them at home.
Brownies in a Cone by Taste of Home
Wanna try making them at home????
Watch this Video Tutorial 
Check out this healthier brownie recipe option: Raw Vegan Brownies 
then you can top it off with some Raw Vegan Chocolate Icing.
And to celiacs out there, did you know there are Gluten Free Cones in the market now..
check this out- Joy Cones
GLICO Caplico (Mini Cones)
Photography by Michael Wortman
In case you want to give out cake cones as party favours but you’re not really the baking type, here’s a solution for you…GLICO Caplico mini-ice cream cones. I discovered it at our local convenience store just as I was heading home to write this blog.  GLICO is the same Japanese company that makes POCKY – the chocolate coated biscuit sticks loved the world over.

Note: The cones come individually wrapped already.  However, you can always remove them from their packaging if you wish to present them in another way.

Just like an ice cream cone, this Glico invention is crunchy on the outside, creamy on the inside without the mess of eating the real thing. Try it sometime, you’ll have a lovely time munching on them with the little folks in your family.

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