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CONEsciousness 4: Soft Serves for Your Home

Welcome to Day 4 of CONEsciousness here on DDOA! 

We all know you HAVE to eat where you get your soft serve.. here are the works of some designers who insisted on enjoying their ice cream at home. 

Today I bring you Soft Serve Inspirations for your home.


Image from The Awesomer
“Cleverly incorporating the twirling design of the compact fluorescent lightbulb, Alex Garnett has designed a series of upside-down hanging earthenware Cone Lamps that were inspired by Mr. Whippy soft-serve ice cream cones.” Text from laughingsquid
“Despite how tasty they look, we don’t encourage licking the bulbs or crunching down on the earthenware cones…”Learn more from theawesomer 

in Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate

“We’ve always found ice cream parlors to be perfect design inspiration. How about a giant lit ice cream cone that will add a sweet touch to any room? Jumbo plastic lamp measures over two feet high! Bulb included. This item is in limited quantities.

This delightful lamp can be vanilla, strawberry-dipped, or chocolate-dipped. They look so real and perfectly swirled; it’s going to be a miracle to get through the day without licking them. The three lamps would make a nice trio in a game room, a retro diner, or if you want to open up your own ice cream parlor. They’d also be whimsical in a young girl’s room.” Read more on Geek Alerts
Image Source
How can this scoop STOP the door when it can’t even STOP itself from melting..hahahahaha!
“Anyone that spots it under your door is sure to freeze in their tracks!” (Perpetual Kid)

If you love soft ice cream, i don’t blame you…but at least make an informed decision, know what it’s made ofread this article on the National Post “Soft serve ice cream: What’s in there, anyway?”

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