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New Directions in DENIM 2: The Denim SPA

Welcome to Day 2 of New Directions in Denim here on DDOA. Today, I bring you a very curious development in Denim Fashion and Technology…  The DENIM SPA by Wrangler

Ever wonder how the tough-rugged image of jeans and the relaxing-rejuvenating image of a spa could blend harmoniously in the fibers of denim? I myself was wondering too.. Well here’s what Wrangler promises..these jeans will moisturise your legs while you wear them…now that my friends is NEWS!!!! 

Image from Wrangler-Europe

On the WRANGLER website they ask:
What would your legs prefer?

Smooth Skin?

This jean is treated with the unique moisturising formula-Skintex® which reduces the appearance of cellulite. The Skintex® formula is a blend of ingredients including sea kelp, caffeine and retinol, micro-encapsulated deep in the fibres of your jeans. These capsules burst under the friction of wear, delivering their goodness direct to your skin.

Image from Wrangler-Europe


The natural goodness of Olive Extract or Aloe Vera will moisturise your legs as you wear your jeans. The benefits of this denim finish are enhanced with a feminine floral fragrance.

Watch this feature on ABC Newsabout Wrangler’s DENIM SPA

“Wrangler Jeans Claims to Combat Cellulite, Soften Skin”:  ABC NEws’ Amy Robach investigates latest fashion that promises to take care of your body.

Learn more about DENIM SPA
All I can say is WWTTON!
What Will They Think Of Next?

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