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New Directions in DENIM 1: BABY JEANS

Hello again! I am back after declaring i was done with blogging. What can I say..’once a blogger always a blogger!’ 

I’ve just returned from showing my new Moments of Motherhood art collection in Bali and in Tokyo (to be shown in Singapore May 2014). I’ve had countless doses of inspiration these past few months that it’s hard to resist blogging about them here on DDOA. So here we go!!

We start off with New Directions in DENIM…because this was the trigger for my return to DDOA.

When I saw this whole new line of faux-denim for babies by XPLORYS at Takashimaya, I just knew I had to go back to blogging. There are so many new ideas sprouting everywhere and I am one who cannot contain joy and excitement. Call it cliché but ‘everything is STILL better when shared with a friend.’ So to all my virtual friends here on DDOA, this week I share with you the latest directions in the world of denim.

‘tough look, soft feel’
Image from Xplorys

Let’s hear it from XPLORYS:
Originally, denim was designed to be used to create sturdy trousers for workers and cowboys (jeans). In the 1950s, after the James Dean movie Rebel Without a Cause, jeans became popular with teenagers around the world. In the 1970s jeans had become general fashion in the United States for casual wear. Today Jeans are worn at all kinds of occasions by all kinds of people.
Due to the sturdiness of the fabric, denim was considered to be unsuitable for babies. Parents often claimed that the fabric was not soft enough for their baby’s delicate skin. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the great look of denim, but without the typical rough sturdy feel of denim?  Xplorys made it  possible!
Xplorys’ Baby Jeans is specially designed with your baby’s delicate skin in mind. We spent months of research mixing the right yarns of the finest cotton in the world. In combination with a sophisticated washing, the end-result is astonishing: super soft and comfortable with a realistic denim look. Info Source
Dutch Designed Line
Photo by Paulina Constancia
Takashimaya, Singapore
Visit XPLORYS on-line
Xplorys Baby Jeans Garment
Xplorys Baby Jeans Footwear
Image from XPLORYS
For shops in your region please contact sales@xplorys.com
They will send you the contact details of the 
Xplorys Baby Jeans distributor in your country.

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