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Multi-faceted Artists 1: Writers who Paint too!

I believe that if you have the creative bone in you, it will manifest itself in more ways than one. I think it is up to the creative soul to expand or limit the scope of expression.

This week I feature multi-faceted artists. We will look at the works of writers, actors & singers who also have many other creative outlets. Today we focus on my all-time favorite author Desmond Morris. 
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Desmond Morris is a multi-faceted artist indeed. 
He is a zoologist, ethologist, surrealist painter, author in human sociobiology, film and TV personality. As displayed throughout his lifetime of various achievements, Desmond Morris is a significant contributor to twentieth century thought.

The Naked Ape 
A Zoologist’s Study of the Human Animal
-published in 1967, this is what many consider Desmond’s greatest written work.

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“A startling view of man, stripped of the facade we try so hard to hide behind.”  In view of man’s awesome creativity and resourcefulness, we may be inclined to regard him as descended from the angels, yet, in his brilliant study, Desmond Morris reminds us that man is relative to the apes–is in fact, the greatest primate of all.  With knowledge gleaned from primate ethnology, zoologist Morris examines sex, child-rearing, exploratory habits, fighting, feeding, and much more to establish our surprising bonds to the animal kingdom and add substance to the discussion that has provoked controversy and debate the world over. Natural History Magazine praised The Naked Ape as “stimulating . . . thought-provoking . . . [Morris] has introduced some novel and challenging ideas and speculations.” “He minces no words,” said Harper’s.  “He lets off nothing in our basic relation to the animal kingdom to which we belong. . . He is always specific, startling, but logical.”

Here are some of his paintings:

Courtship I, 1948 
Desmond Morris
Oil on canvas 
54 x 38 in. (135 x 95 cm)
From his Early Period

The Attentive Friend, 1972 
Desmond Morris
Oil on canvas 
12 x 18 in. (30.5 x 45 cm)

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