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School Lunch Around The World

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s feature on partitions and dividers. So I asked myself ‘what can I feature on today’s Food Day that relates to dividers?’..and the image that popped in my head was that of a food tray. Yes, that which you often find in a school cafeteria. So I thought I should look into School Lunch Around The World.

So here you go, let’s look at what children around the world are served on their lunch tray.
School Lunch – JAPAN
School Lunch- South INDIA
School Lunch- USA

School Lunch- BARCELONA, Spain

School Lunch- SOUTH KOREA
is a fun blog that let’s you see what’s being served to schoolchildren in many countries. 

Sardines and rice in Japan, brown rice and beans in Haiti, a plate of vegetables in Sweden, and much more are pictured. Read more on LA TIMES
The Story of Martha Payne

Earlier this year, Martha Payne, a nine-year-old schoolgirl from Lochgilphead in Scotland, made headlines around the world when her school meals blog was “banned” by her local council, writes Sarah Rainey.

NeverSeconds (neverseconds.blogspot.com), which features Martha’s photographs of her often unappetising school lunches, promptly gained millions of fans, including Jamie Oliver and Raymond Blanc. The outcry over the council’s ban eventually forced Argyll and Bute to back off.

Now, more than eight million people have read Martha’s blog. In addition, donations from her followers have raised more than £115,000 for Mary’s Meals, a Scottish charity that feeds impoverished children worldwide.

In recognition of Martha’s fundraising efforts, Mary’s Meals has built a kitchen in Lirangwe Primary School in Blantyre, Malawi, which will feed almost 2,000 children every day for a year.

Martha Payne’s book NEVER SECONDS
Visit the blog that started it all...
If you are interested to learn about school lunches, check out these links:

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