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Sawaya’s LEGO Life Reflections 3: Focus on Fruit & Fitness

Today I feature works from Nathan Sawaya’s The Art of the Brick Exhibition (ArtScience Museum of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore) that reflect some of the things we ought to focus on as we start a new year.. fruit & fitness– eat right and exercise more. 
Eat fruit!
“An Artist’s View”
The Art of the Brick by Nathan Sawaya
Installation includes the following brick creations:
Table, Dresser, Easel, Painting, Fruit Bowl
The Art of the Brick by Nathan Sawaya
from TIME

Fruit is a natural energy source, and there’s nothing wrong with eating an apple a day. But why stop there? As always, variety is key, and there’s a whole world of fruit to be savored and enjoyed. Look for new ways to add fruit to your daily routine. Begin your day with a fruit smoothie or throw a handful of banana slices and mixed berries on your cereal. Add peaches, pears or melons to your lunch, and make fresh or dried fruit a sweet, satisfying snack. Read more…

By Wildwater Wolf

Fresh, whole fruits are low in calories and high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Fruit has high water content and low energy density, which helps dieters feel full as they lose weight. Positive weight-loss diets that encourage eating more of certain foods are more successful than diets that forbid foods, notes the iVillage Health website. An inverse relationship exists between being overweight and eating fruit; people who eat more fruit have a lower body mass index than those who eat less fruit. Different fruits are rich in different nutrients, so it is important to eat a variety of fruits while dieting. Read more

Read this informational article from the GLOBE and MAIL(Canada)

Confused about fruit? Here’s what you need to know by LESLIE BECK

The Art of the Brick by Nathan Sawaya
This sculpture is one of my favourites of Nathan’s. Primarily because I love to swim. But it’s a sport/exercise that requires very specific ‘equipment’ —a swimming pool. So I thought that as I share the idea of adhering to an exercise routine this new year, it would be better to find tips on finding the exercise that’s easier to stick to. So read on for some valuable advice…
Choose The Right Exercise For You
Whether you plan to exercise for general health benefits, to increase your physical fitness or to help maintain or lose weight — perhaps all 3 reasons are your motivation — it is important to select types of exercise that you can continue to do, week-in and week-out. The health, fitness and weight management advantages of exercise all depend on you being physically active regularly and for the long term.
Tips for choosing the right exercise
  1. Choose exercise that you enjoy
  2. Choose more than one type of exercise
  3. Vary the intensity of your exercise
  4. Choose exercise options that are readily available
  5. Join a class or social sports team
  6. Choose exercise options that don’t depend on good weather
  7. Choose exercise options that can become part of your routine
  8. Set aside an exercise time each day
  9. Choose an exercise that accommodates any health problems you may have
  10. Choose to exercise with a friend
  11. Do you need a personal trainer?
Learn more about THE ART OF THE BRICK exhibition at the ARTSCIENCE Museum, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

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