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Santa & Snow in the Tropics 4: Snow in Singapore

We continue with our feature on Santa & Snow in the Tropics with a special focus on the snowing that happens in sunny Singapore every Christmas season.

Snow Time at Tanglin Mall
Info and Image Source
Little Day Out
For the longest time, it has been snowing every Christmas season at Tanglin Mall except on rainy evenings. And now, Singapore’s first eco-mall – City Square Mall – has joined in the snowy fray too!
Frolick in the snow and get all wrapped up in the magical wonder of snowfall at Tanglin Mall! The evenings begin first with the puffy buildup of a snow-white avalanche followed by the fairytale moment when the snowflakes fall. Even if you’re not watching from a sheltered distance at Starbucks, you’ll know exactly when each segment begins – you’ll hear the shrieks and shrills from the happy kids! Two machines, one on each side of the glittering Christmas tree, pump out waist-high foam and the children will waste no time diving in for some frolicking good fun.
When the time comes for snowfall, the snowy effects produced by six pumps all around are a glorious sight to behold! Just remember to keep your mouths somewhat shut as you laugh, smile and prance about! The mall assures us that the foam from their machines is safe. Read more about Tanglin Mall Snow Dates/Snow Times
“It’s Snow Time at City Square Mall”
Info and Image Source
“It’s Snow Time!” at City Square Mall. Right next to the 16-metre tall, eco-friendly Christmas tree at the front of the mall facing Serangoon Road are the snowy grounds. Right on cue, the whimsical snowfall begins and kids have a blast basking in the moment and trying to scoop up the fallen snow spray! You can also look forward to boundless fun and joy at City Square Mall this Christmas! Besides the Chuggington Christmas Live Show and Meet and Greet, there are activities for a traintastic adventure with the Chuggers. See more on City Square Mall’s Chuggington Holiday Fun this Christmas season… Read more about City Square Mall Snow Dates/ Snow Times
Snow City Singapore
Where It’s Winter All Year
Being a tropical country, many Singaporeans have never had the opportunity to experience the cold (the lowest temperature ever recorded here was way back in 1934, when it hit a low of 19.4°C!!). Now that Snow City is here to stay, locals and tourists now have the option of escaping from the hot and humid Singapore weather and experience a ‘winter getaway’… Learn more about Snow City
Here are my boys at our first snowlike experience in Singapore
Bubblelicious Christmas at The Central, Clarke Quay
Photo by P.Constancia
Bubbles mimic snow falling 
Setting: The Singapore River & The Blue Sky set to
Christmas music
Just absolutely lovely!

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