As prescribed by Paulina Constancia

Santa & Snow in the Tropics 3: Dreaming of a White Christmas

As Christmas approaches we hear more of the carols and it is no wonder that even in the Tropics people want to create some semblance of winter. How else can one relate to the yuletide mood while listening to the songs “Frosty the Snowman…I’m dreaming of a white Christmas..Sleigh bells ringing, are you listening?”
We continue with “Santa & Snow in The Tropics” with a special feature on how people in the Tropics dream too of a white Christmas and how they make the season bright with a tree that’s white.
White Christmas Tree for Sale
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
White Christmas Trees for Sale
White and Starry Christmas Trees
Snowball Christmas Tree
Suntec City, Singapore
Photo by PConstancia
“White Christmas”
Parkway Parade,Singapore
Photo by Michael Wortman
The Snowflake Chandeliers at Parkway Parade
Photo by Michael Wortman

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